Ask a random Sydney resident where he or she lives, and the most likely answer you hear is an apartment block. Currently, 75% of residences within the City of Sydney live in apartments, which is more than 5 times the national average. This has prompted the City of Sydney Council to start offering classes to educate apartment owners and renters on their rights and duties under strata schemes.

“Different rules and approaches can apply in apartment blocks and not everyone is used to high-density living,” says the Council.

Strata Skills 101 workshop classes equip apartment dwellers with the knowledge and skills to thrive in a strata scheme setup. We advise attendees that are new to strata schemes to ask questions on how these schemes work, the pros and cons of strata ownership, and how to become a responsible strata owner.

Even more knowledgeable owners should be able to pick up a tip or two from these free classes, such as effective management practices in running an executive committee, and the purpose of the strata sinking fund as well as the associated governance requirements for establishing your 10-year plan.

Strata Skills 101 workshops run on Tuesday nights from 6pm to 8pm. Entry is free although seats are limited so booking ahead is recommended. Call 02 9265 9333 or visit the official website [link:].

These free workshops can offer fantastic tips and strategies to help owners get the most out of strata scheme living.

But for strata scheme owners that require advise on advanced concerns such as financial management, insurance and legislative compliance, it is advisable to approach a professional strata manager.

Feel free to contact Shane Ball [email :], Licensed Strata Manager and Managing Director at Precision Strata for inquiries.